A Primer on Spliffs, Mentholated Weed, Fillers & Blends

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Published on July 10, 2012 with No Comments

Ideally you want a joint filled with pure bud, but sometimes this isn’t possible (monetary reasons) or just not desired (don’t wanna get too high).

A friend with a volcano vape (worth the $500. It ROCKS.) gave me spent bud. I used that as a filler for a joint of a little bid of premium weed. It worked exceptionally well. Burn was great, taste/aroma was great, and the high of the premium weed wasn’t altered.

Sometimes I like to smoke just to smoke. The taste/aroma and the act of smoking itself, is nice, but it’s near impossible to enjoy when you’re rolling a toothpick – mainly paper – joint of some great weed. So I thought about what would make a good filler to put into a joint to make it fat, no matter the actual bud/THC content.

Mix mullein into the joint. This should work well.





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