Hate Losing Lighters? Learn Use a Car Cigarette Lighter at Your Desk

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Published on July 10, 2012 with 1 Comment

How many Bic lighters do you buy a month?

I switched to using my car’s cigarette lighter directly from my desk. The initial project is hideous. I will eventually mount this into my desk or the side of the wall.

What are the benefits?

  • Safety. This (assuming it’s rigged up safely) lighter is flameless.
  • You can use this to charge components like in a car.
  • Doesn’t look or feel like a lighter, so no matter how stoned your friends are, they’re
    unlikely to keep your lighter subconsciously.

This project is long overdue but I stayed up putting it together enough to be functional. The box contains a female 12v cigarette adapter plug. Soldered to it are two wires going to a 12v power supply.

Pushing the cigarette lighter (male) into the plug on the box gets the coil at the end of the adapter red hot before the lighter snaps back out.

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  1. Excellent idea will be sure to try this! thank you. Loving the site and your posts.

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