Heady Blunts

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heady blunts’ heady blunts
Hey yall HB here. thought i’d share the method i developed for smoking heady blunts all day to the dome.

we all love giant blunts, but sometimes (or all the time if you’re me) you want a personal blunt of the dankest herb.

maybe a giant blunt would be overkill/too expensive/get you too high, or puttin a blunt out half way feels like quitting. the solution is little blunts — heady blunts!

my favorite cigars are duchmaster palmas and blue games (the vanilla ones). the games are a big longer and narrower. that’s what’s in the pictures here.

start by unwrapping the outer leaf, removing the cancer paper, and splittin the inner leaf along the seam.

with the inner: dump the guts, tear off the glue strip, and trip the curled up mouthpiece end. cut the remaining rectangle in half once lengthwise and once widthwise.

trim the outer leaf so the short edges are parallel and at a 45* angle to the long edges. cut it in half once longways and once in the middle.

save the four trimmed pieces of inner and the four of outer leaves in a jar or baggie for later use.

or use em right away! rolls just like the normal sized version. it’s about the size of a regular rolling paper. roll up the inner leaf, it usually fits a little less than half a gram for me.

wet one side of the outer leaf, start at the bottom corner with the mouth end of your blunt. tip: roll straight along the short edge and you’ll get a perfect wrap every time.

light it up!

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