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Published on January 25, 2011 with 45 Comments

Ever wonder what’s in those incense packets sold in gas stations and elsewhere that people smoke to get high? They are synthetic cannabinoids (JWH, RCS-*, CP-whatever, “Spice”, “K2” etc), compounds that mimic the effects of natural Cannabis.

WARNING!!! The following is an educational guide on how these blends/products are usually made. The numbers here are not reflective of any commercial product. WE DO NOT ADVOCATE breaking the law nor DAMAGING YOUR HEALTH by buying these compounds which may be illegal in your area nor by ingesting them in anyway. This guide is for educational purposes only.

Please DO NOT ask WHERE you can buy any of these compounds! The majority of them are now illegal to possess, buy, use or sale and even if they are 100% legal they are NOT safe to ingest/inhale/burn/whatever!!

Let’s start with some math. Unless you have a milligram accurate scale to the thousandth (0.001 g) these numbers will be slightly off. If your scale is accurate to the tenth of a gram (0.1g) then the numbers to be off by quite a bit! With these synthetic cannabinoids, it’s always better to go lower than higher. A JWH overdose is not very pleasant!

I have included the numbers for three different strengths. Keep in mind that this is based on my own subjective experience (and my own weight and tolerance) and may not apply to you. There is no standard for when a blend is “light” or “strong.” Again: You need to experiment with the numbers a bit. Use these only as a starting point.

For example, if we’re going with the “Mild” blend below, the following numbers will give us around 8mg of JWH per 1 gram of tobacco. This means that every rolled cigarette will contain around 2-4mg of JWH (more or less depending on how much you roll per cig. Be sure to start off LOW and pause for a few minutes between each toke. Again, a JWH overdose is not fun.)

What You Need


Keep in mind that most of these compounds may be ILLEGAL to possess/use in your country/province

(If using a cannabinoid besides JWH, such as RCS-4, RCS-8, CP-whatever, these numbers do not apply to you! The process of making the blend remains the same but you will have to determine how much of the compound(s) to use. Be careful!)

Acetone: Solvent that’s primarily in nail polish remover (responsible for that smell.) Get this from Home Depot or a hardware store. Make sure it’s pure acetone. Note that it is extremely flammable and will melt plastics. Careful!

Do not use nail polish remover. Other solvents that may work are ethanol (alcohol you drink) or rubbing alcohol. Purer is better, but acetone is preferred because it contains no water and evaporates rapidly.

JWH: You will of course need the pure chemical JWH-*, or a combination of cannabinoids. This guide uses a blend of 2:1 of 2 compounds. You can mix the compounds in whatever ratio you want to fine tune the blend for a specific high. It’s always better to put too little than too much. You can add more anytime, so start small.

Tobacco: The quality of the blend will rest almost solely on the quality of the tobacco used. In this guide I use the cheapest rolling tobacco available for illustrational purposes. “Kite” mentholated rolling tobacco which comes in pouches of 0.65 oz each. I use 2 pouches (1.3 oz or 36.4 g) If you aren’t using tobacco, see note below. In this context, “the medium” refers to either tobacco or whatever blend of herbs you’re using.

Glass, ceramic, metal or other non-plastic container*: Something wide and shallow with a lot of surface area works best as it allows the solvent to evaporate quicker, but any container will work fine.

Glass, ceramic or metal rod or spoon*: Anything to stir with.

Accurate mg scale: We’re working in MILLIGRAMS (1000mg is 1 gram), so the more accurate your scale, the better! Preferably accurate to the thousandth (0.001g) are great. If you don’t have one, scales accurate to the hundredth (0.01g) are dirt cheap. For this guide all I have laying around at the moment is a scale accurate to the tenth (0.1g) – not ideal but it works for demonstration.

(Optional) Menthol: Menthol crystals or spearmint leaves (supermarket/kitchen)

* Make sure you don’t use anything plastic. Acetone dissolves plastic!

STRONG – 14mg JWH per gram of tobacco
For 36g of tobacco, use 504mg of (~0.50g) of JWH

That comes out to 336mg compound-A + 168mg compound-B for a total of 504mg.

MILD – 10mg JWH per 1 gram of tobacco.
For 36g of tobacco, we need 360mg (or ~0.36g) of JWH.
That comes out to 240mg compound-A + 120mg compound-B for a total of 360mg.

LIGHT – 5mg JWH per 1 gram of tobacco.
For 36g of tobacco, we need 180mg (or ~0.18g) of JWH.
That comes out to 120mg compound-A + 60mg compound-B for a total of 180mg.

VERY LIGHT  – 2mg JWH per 1 gram of tobacco.
For 36g of tobacco, we need 72mg (or ~0.07g) of JWH.
That comes out to 48mg compound-A + 24mg compound-B for a total of 72mg.

Adding Menthol (optional)


WARNING: There are two things you have to know before you begin.

1) Use absolutely NO plastics of any kind. Acetone will melt plastics. No plastic cups, containers, spoons, etc.

2) Acetone is extremely flammable. No smoking anything during the entire process, and no open flames of any kind anywhere nearby. Don’t let acetone fumes build up as they can sink and travel to find a spark. Obviously don’t attempt any of this in a closed area without adequate ventilation, or anywhere there can be an open flame (a basement with a boiler for instance.)

3) The acetone containers are annoying to deal with. They “hiccup” while pouring and easily spill, especially when pouring small portions from the large containers. Don’t pour it indoors except on concrete. If it spills, it can ruin finishes, plastics, and whatever else it may land on. If it lands on your hand it will feel very cold but otherwise does not cause damage. Wash it off with water and soap promptly.

In your GLASS or METAL container, pour enough acetone to submerge the entire tobacco medium. (Don’t add the tobacco yet however.) Adding a little more doesn’t hurt. It will just take a little bit longer to evaporate. You basically want the entire tobacco to be under the acetone to make sure the JWH is evenly distributed.

Weigh out and add your JWH compounds (and menthol if using crystals) into the acetone and stir until completely dissolved. Again, we’re adding 2 compounds here. Make sure your scale is calibrated and accurate!

I added about 110mg of menthol. If you’re interested in how I got this number: That’s about 3 mg of menthol per gram of tobacco. Newports have around 4 mg per cigarette, and 1 cigarette has about 1 gram of tobacco. This Kite tobacco was also already mentholated (but barely.)

Now that all three things are dissolved in the acetone, put your tobacco into the medium and stir, making sure the tobacco is submerged and every part of it is wet. If the JWH does not evenly distribute itself on the tobacco, you may have “hot spots” where some of the tobacco will be much stronger than other parts. JWH dissolves fairly well in acetone and so this should not be an issue. All we have to do now is wait for the acetone to evaporate.

Absolutely no putting the acetone near any source of heat. Even a non-open flame such as an electric stove can get hot enough to ignite the acetone (see Autoignition Temperature.)

More surface area means more evaporation which means faster drying. I like to use an oven baking pan (metallic.) A ceramic or glass plate or upside down pot cover works too. Open air or a small fan blowing on the top of the container should be sufficient to evaporate all the acetone in a few hours. Stir the tobacco every 10-20 minutes. Remember not to leave the container in a closed space where the acetone can build up in the air. Doing this is not only stupid and dangerous, but will also make it evaporate slowly.

When the tobacco looks dry, check for an acetone smell. If there’s any hint of acetone left, stir the tobacco and let it sit for 10-30 mins. When the entire medium is dry (NO acetone smell and tobacco looks lighter brown like before it was soaked) pack the tobacco up and clean out the container/supplies used with warm water and soap.


Leave tobacco in a cool dark place. Avoid exposure to air and light to ensure product does not degrade in potency and quality. Dry tobacco is harsh and tastes bad.

Toke Responsibly. Every time you make a new blend, no matter how right you think the numbers are, test the compound by rolling a small skinny cig, taking one toke, waiting a few minutes, and then taking another. Slowly gauge how strong this blend is in EVERY batch.

Alternatives to Tobacco

Some blends substitute Tobacco with the following (or a mixture of these):

Mullein (Verbascum sinuatum)
Damiana (Turnera Diffusa)
Marshmallow leaves (Althaea officinalis)
Skullcap (Scutellaria – NOT the deadly mushroom)
Wild Dagga (Leonotis Leonurus)
Wild Opium (Lactuca virosa)
Spearmint (Mentha Arvensis, Pipertia)
Dream Herb (Calea Zacatechichi)
Chamomile (Matricaria Chamomilla)

Some of these herbs will add their own psychological effects and taste to your blend.

Again, remember that “research chemicals” and synthetic drugs come sources that do not care for quality control nor are any of these chemicals inspected, regulated or approved by the FDA or any other government body or private company. Inhaling or ingesting chemicals with little to ZERO research can cause serious health effects and is NOT recommended!

This was written for educational purposes only—anything you do is your own responsibility. Please be safe and stick to drugs prescribed by your doctor or ones proven to be safe (and legal, of course.)

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  35. JWH or similar chemicals aren’t all that bad for you, though they still are much like Marijuana. No matter what you say or view every single person comes to the REAL realization, that there ARE both pros and cons to both substances. Difference between you agreeing and disagreeing with me is your maturity, bottom line. There’s at least 10 government agencies, both federal and local constantly fighting this one specific substance at any given second, that’s fact. The main thing though that makes this extremely bad for you is the use of Acetone, which causes skin irritation in long or often periods of exposure, which accounts for a reasonable portion of the physical and not social or psychological harms this product imposes. Since, a lot of companies have stated that they have stopped using Acetone. That DOES NOT account for the other 2 factors: Psychological and Social.

    On another side topic:
    Don’t buy this stuff online. You don’t want anything to do with making it if you’re already going to use it. You can’t play novice chemist just because it’s some-what premade for you to mix as you please. You also don’t possess any of the equipment needed to ensure your own safety. Here they mention it’s important to go lower on measurements and to use a scale that goes to 0.001g. Keep in mind that even if you do everything according to this guide, which shouldn’t be this easily available, you can’t perform any quality control tests, ie: making sure you actually mixed it evenly or let it cure properly. Don’t make this. If you ever get stupid and do it, start out AT LEAST half of the guides’ measurements, he tells you over and over again that K2 overdose is not pleasant. Bash me and my statements as you will.

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  43. I believe the majority of synthetic cannabinoids are quickly becoming illegal in the US at the state and federal level, if they are not illegal already.

    Please refrain from asking for sources for these compounds and remember that no health studies of the short or long term effects were done on these chemicals! Is that something you want in your body?

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