Using Filters When Rolling Joints

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A decent sized joint will bend down at any stress point in the joint. Such joints look like a [B]flaccid penis[/B].
Technically, a “roach” refers to the (usually cardboard) filter at the end of a joint. When no filter is used, the “roach” is the remaining bit of the joint, usually whatever remains of a joint when it has become too small to smoke. In the US, the practice of using a filter is not as common as it is in Europe. Keep in mind that a “filter” is more like a screen rather than a cigarette filter. This filter doesn’t adsorb any smoke. It only acts to stop bits of material from being inhaled, and the end of a joint from being closed.
I used to advocate using a filter but after weed became a surplus, I stopped caring about saving every trichome* and realized that you can smoke a joint and avoid every problem you listed by refining your technique.

The filterless joint will not become soggy or blocked if people aren’t salivating or licking their lips before each hit (I imagine LL Cool J can’t smoke without a filter.)

You can leave just enough space to grasp the roach with your fingernails to avoid getting burned.

It’s nice because it makes you pay more attention to the joint/roach.
* All the heat from the burning joint has likely exhausted all of the THC/CBD in the roach. No point in saving it except for a placebo effect which I probably now deprived you of.

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